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It's been too quiet...

...so I shall break the silence with a helicopter.

More here if you're innerested;)
Video is mildly not safe for work. Includes language.



DO NOT CLICK ANY randompictures LINKS

Nevermind, it's been suspended since I reported it to LJ Abyoose.

See also randompictures2.

Laser Flashlight Hack! - video powered by Metacafe

Well...slap my ass and call me Suzy! I think I'll build a "burning laser" right now and torment the squirrels that invade my back yard. I also like how the V.O. guy sounds like a socially inept mad scientist, as well. It just adds that extra sauce.


Really? I've seen it. It isn't that nice. Put it back. And why are you famous again?


Bill O vs. Christian Bale

They both need their fucking meds. Seriously.



Is this another bromance?

The nipple-play near the end gets me.

Enjoy (the man-love)!